Maine Coast Fishermen's Association

The Maine Coast Fishermen’s Association (MCFA) has been working with Knack Factory, a production company based in Portland, over the past year on a series of video shorts that share stories and imagery from Maine’s fishing industry and communities.

These videos, as part of the Hard Tellin’ series, are an undertaking to share positive and engaging stories about fishing communities, and educate a broader audience on the importance of fishing to Maine’s economy, tourism industry, culture, tradition, and future.

The fishing industry in Maine impacts more than just tourism. It influences restaurants, supports marine stores, and helps the truck and car dealers throughout the state. Even some of our way of life in Maine is centered around ocean scenes, lighthouses, seafood recipes, and nautical attire. Hard Tellin’ aims to illustrate these impacts, from songs about a lobster boat to historical lobster recipes, in a way that is entertaining, accessible, and engaging.

We are also creating content that is focused on fisheries other than lobster that we hear about less, such as clams, groundfish, and alewives. We are also highlighting important topics from the industry such as changing oceans and land use concerns.

Ensuring there’s a future in fishing for the next generation is part of the mission of Maine Coast Fishermen’s Association, and by sharing stories and videos such as these, MCFA hopes to move others to see the importance of the fishing industry to the state and its future.

-Monique Coombs
Maine Coast Fishermen's Association