New Wharfside Stories

In 2016, Casco Bay Estuary Partnership was proud to join with the Waterfront Alliance in supporting Galen Koch’s excellent documentary series Wharfside: Stories From Portland’s Harbor’s Working Waterfront.

We have two new stories up now as part of this series: Bristol Seafood and Pierce Atwood.

The first is a look inside Bristol Seafood's processing plant on the Portland waterfront. Bristol's president and CEO, Peter Handy, takes us for a tour of the factory and explains how he hopes to get more people excited about eating seafood.

In 2011, the Portland-based law firm, Pierce Atwood, moved from their office in Monument Square to Merrill's Wharf. The law firm's move was emotional for some Portland residents, but by working with existing businesses and the Waterfront Alliance Pierce Atwood managed a successful transition to the waterfront.


Victoria Boundy